Boxxbike Valkyrie offers a whole new dimension of enduro

Why Boxxbike Valkyrie ?


Boxxbike has developed a unique high-performance, light and famously controllable electric-moto-bike designed for riding in various types of terrain. The mission of Boxxbike is to provide enduro riders with a new dimension of their training, experience and surroundings with undisturbed peace. Boxxbike opens up new riding possibilities thanks to its quietness, consideration for the surroundings and the track of a classic bike. There is no stress from noise and related problems.



Yes, Boxxbike has pedals and yes it is an off-road enduro moped that looks like a mountain electric bike or downhill special. Thanks to this appearance, there is no problem with ordinary hikers, dog walkers, runners, horseback riders and with a little of our own consideration, we did not have to resolve any conflict in 2 years.



We currently have a large group of riders who own or rent a Boxxbike for regular riding and group rides. We are an open community that enjoys off-road riding.



With this new Boxxbike, we open up the possibility of riding in open terrain, both on an enduro or cross motorcycle, as well as on single cycling trails. 

The number of trails is increasing every day around the world. You will also find passages to higher climbs on them, which you simply will not use on a classic or electric bike, and you have to suffer them to get to the experience that is just behind them.

The big plus of Boxxbike is that it is not only intended for experienced and off-road riders. Most of us surround ourselves with family members, partners, partners, friends and want to enjoy time spent together. 

It is now possible to ride together, not to compete physically if you do not want to, even if everyone has a different physical endurance. All you have to do is select the required continuously graduated power. The variety and usability is really wide! Boxxbike also excels in its low maintenance after many hours of off-road driving, which has a positive impact on operating costs, for example, compared to a motorcycle.