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Boxxbike Valkyrie new model classes

Valkyrie Rookie, Valkyrie Pro and Valkyrie Ultra


Valkyrie Rookie 8Kw

Price from 6 399 EUR

Valkyrie Pro 10Kw

Price from 7 499 EUR

Valkyrie Ultra 14Kw

Price from 8 499 EUR

Valkyrie brings you the best from the both worlds. Light and nimble e-MTB and powerful e-motorbike.


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Valkyrie dimensions

Boxxbike Valkyrie is bigger, then you might think. It is 200 mm longer then Surron or Talaria. Ground clearance is 300mm.

Why Valkyrie

Why Valkyrie


Boxxbike Valkyrie is a power e-bike, which you can use as a convention e-bike with pedal assist and also as an e-moto bike with throttle accelerator.

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Spare parts and service

We have always available spare parts and service technicians to help you with any problem you might have with your Boxxbike. e-shop link

Frame warranty 2 years, battery 1 year and electronics 2 years.

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For sale right now

Valkyrie Rookie (new)

Valkyrie Pro (new)

Valkyrie Ultra (new)

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Here are some frequently asked questions.

Return policy

Can I return Boxxbike Valkyrie?

Yes you can return it.

If you find out, that the Valkyrie is not right bike for you (for any reason) you can return it within 14 days from the purchase. (Valid for bikes purchased from We will refund you full amount if the bike was never ridden. If you rode the bike (up to 50 Km without any damage) you will be refunded full amount minus the usage fee 190 EUR.


What is the warranty for Valkyrie?

Frame: 2 years

Battery: 1 year

Electronic parts: 2 years

We do stand behind our product quality, so we offer exceptional warranty for different parts and components. The warranty can not be applied for a were and tear components like, tires, brake pads, grips, colour, etc.


What to do if my Bike is not working?

You will get support from our technical team.

If your bike stoped working or it has a problem we will provide full technical support. We will arrange a call and connect to your bike remotely for diagnostics. Then we will find where is the problem and offer you solution. In most cases the problem is solved with component exchange.  We have series of videos to help you to do that by your self. If the defect is greater we will organise shipping of your bike to our service center.