Everyone can experience the off-road trails


Everyone can experience the off-road trails



Why are Adventure bikes right for your business?


Noise-less riding

The rough noise of the motor is a part of the endure riding – no doubt! But sometimes to stay low-key is a great advantage. Adventure bikes are completely silent.

This is a chance for your customers to explore new locations where motorbikes are not welcome or banned completely.

Low running cost

To recharge Adventure’s battery will cost you around 0,62€ and it will run for 3 hours in a off-road.

So in one day, you can do the morning riding for 3 hours, then recharge during the lunch and then go again in the afternoon.

All day riding will cost you 1,24€ 

 Simple to ride

     Boxxbike Adventure is really easy to ride. Anybody who knows how to ride bicycle can ride it. No gear changing, just step on the pedal or push the throttle and go.   

This is perfect for someone with small or zero experience on motorbike. Perfect starter kit for women or teenagers. 

Easy maintenance

All Boxxbike electronics are dust and water proof so you can wash Adventure bike with low pressure water hose. Every wearable component, like tires and break pads are easily exchangeable like on normal bike.

Electronic peripheries on the handle bar are cheap and simple to change you don’t have to worry if someone falls down and break it.


 Test Boxxbike Adventure for 2 weeks!

Run your trails, show it to your customers, let your crew ride it and see for your self if Boxxbike will deliver what we promise. 

For 290€ you get your Boxxbike Adventure to your doorstep within a week after order confirmation.


What is included in the price of 290€

– 14 days rental of 1 x Boxxbike Adventure

– bike shipping to you and from you (within EU)

– bike insurance with 200€  assistance

– phone support

– video instructions


For business partners, we are offering comprehensive long term rental pricing

Long term rental

12 month contract for 340€/month

340€ / month for 1∗ Adventure  bike with insurance covering all electronic parts.

Pros of long term renting

Every season new bikes

Fixed monthly expense

Discount on spare parts and wearable components

Full support and service in case of problem


Adventure bikes are crafted and optimised to withstand the heavy off-road ridding in any weather condition.